Black Political Thought: From David Walker to the Present



Black Political Thought: From David Walker to the Present

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"Black Political Thought: From David Walker to the Present." Ed. Sherrow O. Pinder. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2020.

Table of contents

Notes on Contributors
● Sherrow O. Pinder / Introduction: Key Concepts, Ideas, and Issues That Have Formed Black Political Thought

Part I: Slavery and Its Discontents
● Brenda E. Stevenson / Introduction
Further Readings
● David Walker / Our Wretchedness in Consequence of Slavery
● Henry Highland Garnet / An Address to the Slaves of the United States
● Frederick Douglass / What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?
● Martin Robison Delany / Comparative Condition of the Colored People of the United States
● Maria W. Stewart / Why Sit Ye Here and Die

Part II: Reconstruction
● Nikki L. M. Brown / Introduction
Further Readings
● W. E. B. Du Bois / Of the Dawn of Freedom
● T. Thomas Fortune / Political Independence of the Negro
● Booker T. Washington / The Case of the Negro

Part III: Black Nationalism
● Babacar M'Baye / Introduction
Further Readings
● James Theodore Holly / A Vindication of the Capacity of the Negro Race for Self-Government, and Civilized Progress
● Marcus Garvey / The True Solution of the Negro Problem
● Stokely Carmichael / Toward Black Liberation

Part IV: Race and Racism
● Charisse Burden-Stelly / Introduction
Further Readings
● Alexander Crummell / The Race-Problem in America
● W. E. B. Du Bois / The Conservation of the Races
● Ida B. Wells / Lynch Laws in All Its Phases

Part V: Feminism and Difference
● Sherrow O. Pinder / Introduction
Further Readings
● Mary Church Terrell / The Progress of Colored Women
● Patricia Hill Collins / What's in a Name?: Womanism, Black Feminism and Beyond
● Gary L. Lemons / To Be Black, Male, and "Feminist" : Making Womanist Space for Black Men

Part VI: Past, Present, and Future Issues
● Erica F. Cooper / Introduction
Further Readings
● Cheryl I. Harris / Whiteness as Property
● Barbara J. Fields / Whiteness, Racism, and Identity
● Kathleen Neal Cleaver / The Antidemocratic Power of Whiteness


Publisher's description

"In Black Political Thought: From David Walker to the Present, Sherrow 0. Pinder has brought together the writings and discourses central to black political thought and African American politics, compiling a unique anthology of speeches and articles from over 150 years of African American history.Providing in-depth examinations and critical analyses of topics such as slavery, reconstruction, race and racism, Black Nationalism and Black Feminism – from a range of perspectives – students are equipped with a comprehensive and informative account of how these issues have fundamentally shaped and continue to shape black political thinking. Each of the six thematic parts is framed by an introduction written by black scholars working in the field, and a list of further readings is provided. Individual chapters are then enhanced by end of chapter questions and author biographies.Written for the interdisciplinary field of Black Studies, and other social science and humanities disciplines, this textbook offers a unique resource for political scientists, sociologists, historians, feminists, and the general reader of black political thought."

Reviews and notices of anthology

● Rojas, Fabio. "Ethnic and Racial Studies" 45.3 (2022): 570-71.

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