Voice of Black Rhetoric: Selections



Voice of Black Rhetoric: Selections

This edition

"The Voice of Black Rhetoric: Selections." Ed. Arthur Lee Smith and Stephen Robb. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1971. 318 pp.

Table of contents

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Preface --
Introduction --
We must have unity / David Walker --
Slavery as it concerns the British / Charles Lenox Remond --
An address to the slaves of the United States of America / Henry Highland Garnet --
Reception speech / Frederick Douglass --
The other phase of Reconstruction / John Mercer Langston --
William Lloyd Garrison: a centennial oration / Reverdy C. Ranson --
The race problem stated / Joseph C. Price --
Atlanta Exposition Address / Booker T. Washington --
The principles of the universal Negro Improvement Association / Marcus Garvey --
Liberty, justice and democracy / A. Phillip Randolph --
Conspiracy to deny equality / Roy Wilkins --
The Negro as an American / Robert C. Weaver --
Crisis in the two-party system / Edward W. Brooke --
The crisis of the cities: the danger of the ghetto --
I have a dream / Martin Luther King, Jr. --
A long way to go / Martin Luther King, Jr. --
Honoring Dr. DuBois / Martin Luther King, Jr. --
The ballot or the bullet / Malcolm X --
"The Black Revolution" / Malcolm X --
Prospects for freedom /Malcolm X --
Black Power / Stokely Carmichael --Farewell Address / Eldridge Cleaver --
Martin Luther King, Jr.: a eulogy --
Colonialism and revolution / H. Rap Brown.

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