Rise of the Phoenix: Voices from Chicago's Black Struggle, 1960-1975



Rise of the Phoenix: Voices from Chicago's Black Struggle, 1960-1975

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"Rise of the Phoenix: Voices from Chicago's Black Struggle, 1960-1975." Ed. Useni Eugene Perkins. Foreword Julieanna L. Richardson. Chicago: Third World Press, 2017. xxxiv+565 pp.

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The anthology includes a foreword by Julianna Richardson and essays by Samella Abdullah, Damali Carol Adams, Hannibal Afrik, Timuel Black, Curtis Burrell, Margaret Burroughs, James Compton, Ellis Cose, Charles Davis, Billy Dunbar, Antonio Lopez, Dwight McKee, Lu Palmer, Harold Pates, Albert Sampson, Sarudzayi Sevanhu, Conrad Worrill, Barbara Sizemore, Haki and Safisha Madhubuti, and many others.

Divided into the following sections: Cultural arts and black awareness -- Institution building and community advocacy -- Political awareness -- Educational advocacy and reform -- "Les enfants" of Chicago's black struggle.

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● "Noted Author Useni Eugene Perkins to Discuss New Book Rise of the Phoenix." "Weekly Citizen" 24 Jan. 2018:
"In the momentous task of documenting the lives and the voices of the people who took part in the world-expanding events of the Black Empowerment and Black Arts Movements of the 1960s and 1970s, Perkins has gathered scholars, activists, artists, educators and others who were active participants in shaping that era. Rise of the Phoenix: Voices from Chicago’s Black Struggle 1960-1975 edited by Perkins is the result of more than 10 years of research, critical analysis and interviews that offer first-hand accounts of the “way things were in Chicago.” This book examines the historical significance of Chicago as a pivotal focal point for the movement. More than taking a look back, Rise of the Phoenix takes a look forward as it re-examines the social, cultural, political and economic landscape of America through the lens of those who lived it. . . . Perkins also is publisher of Black Child Journal. In 1999, he was inducted into the Gwendolyn Brooks National Literary Hall of Fame for Writers of African Descent and was honored with the National Black Network Playwright Award, Black Ensemble Theater Playwright Award, and featured in History Makers."

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