Silhouettes of Life



Silhouettes of Life

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"Silhouettes of Life." Ed. J. Mason Brewer. Foreword Maggie Browne Daniel. (By the 1946-47 creative writing class of Samuel Huston College). Austin, TX: Samuel Huston College , 1948. 61 pp.

Table of contents

Short stories:
● John T. King / Not Guilty
● Ollie Lee McDowell / Two's Not Always a Couple
● Vera Walker / Dangerous Detour
● Deckar Clarke / Evidence Unfurled
● Helen Holden / Sherry's Weak Moment
● Vera Henry / The Early Years Count
● Donald Cameron / A seventeen-year-old college freshman comments on the college vet

Commentary on anthology

Sapper, Neil. "Black Culture in Urban Texas: A Lone Star Renaissance." The African American Experience in Texas: An Anthology. Ed. Bruce A. Glasrud and James M. Smallwood. Lubbock: Texas Tech UP, 2007. 231-57. (Sapper's essay appears also in "Red River Valley Historical Review" 6.2 [Spring 1981].)
"During the . . . postwar period, Brewer published another anthology of work by his students [after an earlier anthology published in 1936 of writing by black high school students in Dallas]. The collection of short stories--'Silhouettes of Life'--was written by students in Brewer's creative writing course in the Department of English in Samuel Huston College in 1946 and 1947. All of the stories revolved around romantic themes, but the concluding poem by Donald S. Cameron sounded a more realistic tone because it called forth the experience of black students in the postwar era. . . . Certainly J. Mason Brewer had succeeded, by 1948, in his dual purpose in bringing an effective portrayal of black life in Texas to literature and in arousing an interest among black people in their own artistic capabilities" (246).

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