Betcha Ain't: Poems from Attica



Betcha Ain't: Poems from Attica

This edition

"Betcha Ain't: Poems from Attica." Ed. Celes Tisdale. Detroit: Broadside Press, 1974. 62 pp.

Table of contents

n/a, but includes the following:
● Brother Amar (George Robert Elie) / Forget?
● Hersey Boyer / Attica Reflections
● Isaiah Hawkins / 13th of Genocide
● Mshaka (Willie Monroe) / Formula for Attica Repeats
● John Lee Norris (Kamua) / Just Another Page (September 13-72)
● Harold E. Packwood / The Red-Neck Coke Machine
● Harold E. Packwood / [8 other poems . . . ]
● Christopher Sutherland / Sept. 13
● Samuel L. Washington / Was It Necessary?

About the anthology

● Celes Tisdale, an assistant professor at Erie Community College in Buffalo, began holding a poetry workshop at the Attica prison on 24 May 1972, eight months after the Attica prison uprising and its bloody suppression (which led to the deaths of 43 prisoners and guards) (Nowak 2020). This anthology brings together a selection of the participants' poems along with extracts from Tisdale's journal about the workshop experience.

Anthology editor(s)' discourse

● About the editor: (note about Celes Tisdale from June 2016 on Facebook page of Olean Public Library, NY): "Dr. Celes Tisdale is a professional actor, a published poet, a national and international storyteller, and a lecturer on the arts and culture. Tisdale grew up mostly on Buffalo’s East Side, and in his lifetime he has taught in a variety of contexts, including the Buffalo Public School System, a creative writing program at Attica State Prison, and the University at Buffalo, where he is now a Professor Emeritus (English).
"Tisdale has published an anthology, Betcha Ain’t: Poems from Attica, and We Be Poetin’, We the People. He served as the executive director of the African American Cultural Center of Buffalo, and it was during his tenure that he named the institute’s theater after Paul Robeson. He was a recipient of a SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, Buffalo’s “Man of the Year” Award, and Buffalo and Erie County Arts Council Artist of the Year. He has also been acknowledged by Young Audiences of Western New York with an Outstanding Artist Award."

Commentary on anthology

● Nowak, Mark. "Solidarity through Poetry." "Boston Review" 30 April 2020.
"Long out of print, 'Betcha Ain't' has been all but erased from contemporary conversations about twentieth-century poetry, social history, and prison abolition. Even Thompson's 'Blood in the Water' makes no mention of it, and it warrants only a passing mention in Melba Joyce Boyd's excellent history of the Broadside Press, 'Wrestling with the Muse' (2004). In this, it is hardly alone, and it may principally be a problem of genre: poetry anthologies that stand as documents of radical political moments--other examples include anthologies of poetry from the Watts uprising and the New York City teachers strike--are rarely embraced by historians as valuable primary texts. When the authors are incarcerated people, that bias is exacerbated."
● Mark Nowak. "A People's History of the Poetry Workshop: Watts, New York City, Attica" in his "Social Poetics." Coffee House Press, 2020.

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