Squeeze My Lemon: A Collection of Classic Blues Lyrics



Squeeze My Lemon: A Collection of Classic Blues Lyrics

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"Squeeze My Lemon: A Collection of Classic Blues Lyrics." Comp. Randy Poe. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Hal Leonard, 2003. 239 pp.

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Women--The Good, the Bad & the Ugly -- Blues All Over the Map -- Make Mine a Double Entendre -- Driving Home More Double Entendres -- Birth -- Death -- The Birds & the Bees, the Dogs & the Ducks, Etc. -- Bragging Rights -- Blues for Christmas -- Mornings & Evenings -- Nights & Days -- The Blues Politic -- Mo' Money/Mo' Bettin' Blues -- Blues & Booze -- Guns, Knives, Razors & a Two-by-Four -- Blues Behind Bars -- Hmmm, Sounds Familiar -- Love--or the Lack Thereof -- Poetry of the Blues -- Time to Go.

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""They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad/Wednesday's worse, and Thursday's also sad." There's a lot more to the blues than three chords played on an old beat-up guitar. Squeeze My Lemon is a collection of some of the best blues lines ever recorded. From birth ("Born under a bad sign/I've been down since I began to crawl") to death ("Everybody wants to go to heaven/But nobody wants tto die") and everything in between, this volume quotes classic blues phrases by ssongwriter/artists B.B. King, Bessie Smith, Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker, Robert JJohnson and many, many others. Compiled by award-winning author/Grammy-nominated record producer Randy Poe, Squeeze My Lemon: A Collection of Classic Blues Lyriics features classic photos of many leading blues artists. A great gift book, it is highly entertaining not only for blues lovers, but for anyone who appreciatees great lyrics. Categorized by subject matter (Love - Or the Lack Thereof, Bluess and Booze, Blues Behind Bars, Make Mine a Double Entendre, etc.), Squeeze My Lemmon is a book you'll return to - and quote from - again and again" (WorldCat).

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