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Text of a speech regading NASA's Space Program and international cooperation, particularly that of the Soviet Union.

Flyer, promoting an anti-racism and anti-war teach-in event held at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1969.

Yellow pennant with black lettering that reads "Votes for Women." These kinds of pennants were used to make a statement about an individual's support of an issue, in this case, women's voting rights. Pennants were often carried in marches or rallies,…

Newspaper clipping from an unidentified paper detailing items needed to prepare a bomb shelter for a nuclear attack.

A guide for Virginian women on their rights guaranteed by law. Publication was created and published by the Virginia Law Women, a group established to make Virginia women aware of their legal rights. Many women during this time did not understand…

The front and back covers to the book America's Retreat from Victory: The George Marshall Story by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy

Pamphlet produced by NASA describing the crew, mission details, and equipment used during the Apollo 17 mission.

Pages 3 and 4 of The Black Panther Coloring Book containg drawings depicting violence between African Americans and police officers.

Booklet depicting and describing American communications satellites in use during the late 1960s.
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