Arthur E. Scott photograph collection, 1910-1976, #C0096

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Arthur E. Scott photograph collection, 1910-1976, #C0096


Arthur E. "Scotty" Scott, was born March 14, 1917, in Montpelier, Vermont. In 1925 his family moved to Washington, D.C., where Scott spent most of his life. Scott began his press career at the age of 13, as a copyboy for the Washington Times-Herald. From 1934-1955, Scott served as a news photographer for International News Photos (INP) and Wide World Photos. Scott first covered the United States Congress in 1935 as a photographer for the Washington Times. From 1955-1974, Scott worked as a photographer for the Republican Senatorial Committee (1955-1964) and the Republication Policy Committee (1964-1974). In 1975, the year the Senate Historical Office was created, Scott became the Senate's first photo-historian. As photo-historian, Scott was tasked with building a collection of graphic representations of the Senate's history. Scott died on December 2, 1976.

This collection contains photographs taken by Arthur E. Scott, a photojournalist and photo-historian for the U.S. Senate. It contains over 5,000 prints and negatives of United States politicians (mainly Senators), political events such as campaigns and inaugurations, and landmarks throughout the Washington, D.C. area, from the mid-1930s to the 1970s. There are also 27 scrapbooks compiled by Arthur E. Scott, primarily consisting of photographs he took of political activities in Washington, D.C. The collection also contains photographs from the 1910s and 1920s that were taken by other photographers. The collection contains prints and film negatives in various sizes, as well as glass plate negatives. Boxes 1 through 11, 29, 30, and 43 contain photographic prints; boxes 12 through 25 contain 4 x 5 inch negatives; boxes 26 and 27 contain 4 x 5 inch glass plate negatives; and boxes 31 through 42 contain slides, 35mm negatives, and negatives of various other sizes. The majority of the photographs are in black and white unless otherwise noted.


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U.S. Senator, Margaret Chase Smith
United States Senator, Margaret Chase Smith of Maine shaking hands with an unidentified man. Smith was the first woman to be elected to both houses of Congress. Smith also ran for president in 1964.
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