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Harold Saunders, American Diplomat

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, 1974-1975

After twelve years in the NSC in 1973, Harold Saunders offered to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to move to the State Department to be in a better position for international policy shaping.  Nine months later, in July 1974, Kissinger appointed Saunders to be the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State over Near East Asian Affairs. 

Harold Saunders position appointment certificate

A certificate announcing Saunders' appointment as the Deputy Assistant Secretary.

2 Johnson Foreign Policy Men to Serve on Kissinger's Staff

A newspaper clipping announcing Harold Saunders' promotion to work on Near East and South Asian affairs. 

Kissinger Aide Gets Key State Post

A newspaper article announcing Harold Saunders' appointment as deputy assistant secretary of state for Near East and South Asian affairs.

Having already accompanied Kissinger on the shuttles to the Middle East, Saunders’ view proved vital to foreign affairs in that region during this time.  His role was overseeing multiple offices and providing the analytical underpinnings for different diplomatic negotiations. He also continued to participate in the shuttles with Kissinger until his appointment as the Director of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, which happened in under 18 months.

Saunders itinerary

An itinerary for Harold Saunders while accompanying Richard Nixon on a trip to South Asia.

Invitation to dinner

An invitation for Harold Saunders to a state dinner in honor of Richard Nixon while he was visiting New Delhi.  The event took place at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Letter from Richard Nixon

A letter for Harold Saunders from Richard Nixon acknowledging ten years of service on the National Security Council staff.

Sinai II Shuttle group

A photograph of several individuals who were part of the Sinai II agreement negotiations.  Harold Saunders stands in the center.

A photograph of Henry Kissinger speaking to the press at Andrews Air Force Base upon returning from one of his diplomatic trips to the Middle East.

Harold Saunders identification tag

Harold Saunders' pass as a member of President Ford's team visiting Japan, Korea, and the U.S.S.R.

"Shuttle Diplomacy: The Talks That Led to Accord in Mideast" New York Times article

A newspaper clipping from the New York Times on the subject of shuttle diplomacy at work in the Israel-Egypt negotiations.  One of the photographs shows Harold Saunders.