Camp Swift, Texas

Jerome Esptein, Jr. was transferred to Camp Swift, Texas in December 1944 in order to fill a shortage of radio operators in the 10th Mountain Division, which was about to deploy to the European Theater of Operations (ETO). Epstein was not at Camp Swift very long, quickly boarding a transport for Italy.
The 10th Mountain Division was also not a long term resident of Camp Swift, having spent most of its existence training at high altitude at Camp Carson, Colorado (the Division arrived at Camp Swift in June 1944). The 10th was a specialist outfit, having originally been recruited from expert skiers and outdoorsmen and intend to provide the Army the ability to fight in mountainous terrain. As Epstein's transfer shows, the Army could not fully maintain this character and filled some billets with normal draftees, but unit remained an elite unit with unique capabilities.
From Camp Swift, the Division moved to Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia in December 1944, one of the main embarkation camps for the East Coast. From there they sailed to Italy in December 1944 and January 1945.
No letters survive from Epstein's time at Camp Swift, but he discusses his transfer in letters written from Camp Polk on December 5th and 6th, 1944.
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