November 12, 1945

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Nov. 12, 1945


Dear Mother and Dad,

                This has been a long weekend with today (Monday) being observed as a holiday. Most of the stores in town are open, however. Is it the same at home?

                Did you enjoy the concert in Cincinnati Sunday afternoon? It must have been quite entertaining.

                Yesterday I had a long-distance call from Harry J. He wants me to spend Thanksgiving with him in Denver. However, with things being so uncertain I am unable to make any plans. I told him

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I would write him and keep him posted. It would be nice to go up there.

                I still know nothing more. It looks like the discharge program is being speeded up with 50-pointers being let out this month. Also now either 21 months service or 36 points will keep you from going over. I just made each one – 37 points and 22 months service. There is a rumor- I don’t know how true it is—that a new point computation will be made on Dec. 2. If so that would boost me up to 40.

                I saw “Rhapsody in Blue” a few days ago. Also Judy Garland in “The Clock.”

                Congratulations and best wishes to you on your anniversary. How do you plan to celebrate? Are you going to Beverly? It’s about the nicest place there is around home.

                I don’t like all this trouble all over the world.

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November 12, 1945

No one seems to be satisfied.

                There is really very little to write about.

                Once again I wish you the very best of everything.


                  Jerome, Jr.

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