November 3, 1945

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Nov. 3, 1945

Dear Mother and Dad,

               I intended to call you this afternoon but I got into town around 5 o’clock which is 7 Dayton time. I thought you would probably be out by then, so I will call tomorrow morning.

               There is still nothing new – just rumors which never seem to be the truth.

               We will undoubtedly be shipped to some other unit here or elsewhere since the division is to be completely inactivated by Nov. 15. When and where I don’t know.

               The separation center here is closing this week. I don’t know way.

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               I understand that all units expect the General Hospital here are about to be out of here soon.

               I wouldn’t mind if the rest of my Army career were like it is now, but it is too good to last. All of our time is spent loafing or going on sightseeing trips. Yesterday we went on an all-day trips to Royal Gorge, about 80 miles from here. We walked across the highest bridge in the world. It is the most spectacular scene I have ever come across. It is really breathtaking—to walk across this bridge swaying in the wind with mountains on all sides forming a deep canyon. The Colorado River flows at the bottom. What a sight! I took a good many pictures. They will be ready Monday, and I will send them to you.

               Today I mailed you some I had taken previously.

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Nov. 3, 1945

               I was paid $79 this week—September and October’s pay plus 13 furlough ration money for the extension I had. All I draw is about $30 a month net. Used to draw 20% more for overseas duty.

               Last night I saw the New York production of Rebecca with Bramwell Fletcher, Ethel Griffes, and Pax Walker who plays the role of the second Mrs. De Winter. Diana Barrymore played the role on Broadway with Fletcher, who is her husband. I always did like the story and thoroughly enjoyed the play. It was beautifully done.

               Had a marvelous steak dinner

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tonight. Have been eating steak by the carload! It’s wonderful!

               Received your box of apples this week. They were really good. I passed them around, and everyone went for them in a big way. It’s fun to eat them from the tree.

               I managed to thank  everyone for the gifts—finally.

               You should be getting my bonds for Sept. and Oct. soon now that I have been paid.

               If you are able to get any 118 films buy them but don’t send them til I ask for them. I can’t get any here now, but may be able to next week. I bought one here last week and used that plus the ones I brought back from home.

               Are you able to get color film for the camera you have? If not, I can get them and send them to you. Haven’t sent the one I bought in Denver yet.

               Not much else to write about.

               Love to both of you.


          Jerome, Jr.

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