October 28, 1945

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Cp. Carson, Colorado

Oct. 28, 1945

Dear Mother and Dad,

                I called you rather late yesterday afternoon and was afraid that you wouldn’t be home. I forgot to ask if either of you made any money at Beverly. It’s a wonderful place for entertainment, isn’t it?

                What does Harry, Jr. intend to do now that he is out of the Navy? Also does Bob expect to come back soon?

                I can’t understand why Bernie is being held so long. They were to start on the 60-point men this week at camp, but I think they are holding everything until Nov. 1 as planned. One thing probably holding them back is the rumors that would be inevitable if 60-point men were being discharged here but not in other camps. This separation center is way ahead of schedule.

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                I am still working in personnel, and listening to every body’s troubles. Maybe I could become a chaplain. Every body, it seems, wants a discharge, and I have been making up dozens of applications for dependency and agricultural discharges. Most dependencies are going through. Farm discharges are harder to get.

                We made up the payroll this week and will be paid Wednesday. I was paid to include Aug. 31 but some fellows haven’t been paid since June. Almost everyone is broke.

                The company was supposed to be inactivated Thursday but now we don’t know when it will be “kaput.” It is shrinking fast. 8 men who are in the 50-59 group and who, for various reasons, missed the California shipment are being transferred to the post (Cp. Carson). 5 others, 35 and under, and going out but I don’t know where. What the rest of us will do is still a mystery.

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Oct. 28, 1945

                Some fellows’ service records are missing so they won’t be paid Wed. They went with us to our various reception centers and should have been sent out here. I sent a telegram to Ft. McPherson, Ga. for the 8 of them.

                Have been coming in town every night for a steak dinner. The food here is marvelous. This is great cattle country, hence the prevalence of steaks.

                Everyone is pretty disgusted. They could release us all immediately if they wanted to. Some are being sent to outfits where they will have regular training just as if they came into the Army the other day.

                As for me—so far so good—hope it keeps up. There isn’t much to write about, so I will come to a close.


                   Jerome, Jr.

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