July 19, 1945

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Florence, Italy

July 19, 1945


Dear Mother, Dad, and Grandpa,

                No doubt by now you have read that the 10th Division is coming home next month.

                The whole division is down here in Florence at the redeployment training area. We arrived here Tuesday night after an all day journey from Ziracco.

                We will be here til the first or second of August when we will depart for Naples by train. I don’t know how long we will be in Naples, but I imagine we will get on the boat right away. So if all goes well I should be seeing you around the middle of August. It’s a wonderful feeling to be going home. Of course the 10th is scheduled for the Pacific afterwards, but there’s no use thinking about that now.

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Florence, Italy

July 19, 1945

There is no censorship now, and we can write freely, but today is the last time we can write letters, so I want to get this in the mail. Don’t expect to hear from me for several weeks.

                I understand the boat ride is 9 days. The signal company is sailing on a large ship accommodating 6000 men.

                I don’t know where we will land, probably New York or Newport News, but I will call you as soon as possible.

                I will go to Camp Atlebery, Indiana from wherever point we land before I get my furlough which I think will be 21 days, possibly 30.

                We are getting passes to Florence every night—our area is only a half-hour’s walk from the center of town. We are busy turning in all of our equipment.

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Florence, Italy

July 19, 1945

                Don’t send any more packages—and I don’t suppose there is any use in your writing either, for we won’t receive any more mail.

                You can’t imagine how excited we all are. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing you, so until I call you or see you this will be all. We will have plenty to talk about.

                Love to all of you.


                                                Jerome, Jr.

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