February 6, 1945

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Somewhere in Italy

Feb. 6, 1945

Dear Mom, Dad, and Grandpa,

               I intended to write an air-mail letter today, but didn’t get to, so will write this v-mail letter in order to get it in before the lights go out. I have been getting your letters, but no packages as yet. Mother, today I received your letter of the 25th. Our mail is coming in a bit haphazardly. One day I’ll get a letter dated very recently and the next  day one dated only in Jan. The news from all over the world is indeed very encouraging. I hate to get too optimistic, however, for in war there are too many angles to be reckoned with. The war has certainly gone a long way since 1941—from Stalingrad to Berlin and from Hawaii back to Manila. I have been reading about the terrific cold wave back home. It must be pretty bad. I bought some air-mail stamps today, although I have used V-mail almost exclusively so far. Yes, Brother Kohles was my public speaking professor. I am surprised that he was transferred. I have been feeling fine, and am quite pleased with the way everything has turned out. Love to all of you. Lovingly,

Jerome, Jr.

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