February 3, 1945

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Feb. 3, 1945

Dear Mother, Dad, and Grandpa,

               Yesterday I received your letters up to and including the 18th of Jan. They were probably here for a few days before I got them, so I think that is pretty good. I also received a stack of old papers. Today I was reading the Dec. 23rd edition.

               I am now able to tell you that I was in Naples. It must have been a beautiful city. The view of the harbor is gorgeous, with Mt. Vesuvius in the background. [undecipherable, perhaps “a boat”] passed the Isle of Capri – the beautiful isle so famous in story and song. I wanted to hear the San Carlo Opera in Naples, but was not there long enough. The majority of their audiences are Allied servicemembers, I believe.

               I got quite a thrill in seeing Gibraltar and also the shores of North Africa.

               I also spent a day in a town near Naples called  [Pozzuoli?] – walked all through the town and saw a famous volcano there.[1]

               Am in the mountains now and quartered in a building quite luxurious for the Army!


[1] Hard to read the town name in the original, but he is most likely referring to the town of Pozzuoli, and the Phlegraean Fields.

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Feb. 3, 1945

It is in a gorgeous setting – high on a mountain—reminds me of Sun Valley or Lake Heid [?] with an Italian accent. Of course the Germans disrupted things quite a bit just as they have done all over Europe before they pulled out. I will be glad to get the socks, food, etc. We were issued 6 pairs of heavy—very heavy—socks. They are marvelous. One thing is certain – we really get the best of everything is in clothing and equipment. If the civilians could see all the stuff we get there wouldn’t be any labor trouble whatever. It’s amazing how we have been able to supply ourselves and our Allies.

               Are you sure that the magazines won’t take overseas subscriptions? I saw an advertisement in the “Army Times” for subscriptions to various magazines. I will send it to you if I can find it. I think they will take them if they have an adequate paper supply. Maybe “Time,” etc. don’t, however.

               Please send some food whenever you feel like doing so. Love to all of you. Lovingly, Jerome, Jr.

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