December 6, 1944

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Dec 6, 1944

Dear Mother, Dad, and Grandpa

               Well, it’s almost 11 in the morning, and I’m still sitting around waiting to go. The train leaves at 6 P.M. so I suppose we’ll leave the area around 4 or a little later.

               I just finished talking to you, Mother, and I’m afraid I don’t sound very cheerful. Well I’m not and I can’t be very well. For a year almost I’ve been saying “Well, It’s the Army, whatever it is it is, etc.” but it’s getting to serious to try to pass off now. This is just about the last straw. I just can’t take it – the way they play around with you like so much dirt.

               I feel that now I’ll be overseas very, very shortly. What this really amounts to is a P.O.R. shipment. I was told this morning that 50% of the outfit we are going to is on furlough now. So you know what that means. They give 50% at a time just before going over. 50% that is, of those who haven’t had a furlough in 6 months. I don’t know if this is the 1st or 2nd 50% out know. Jno. Cohen from B Co. told me this. He was formerly in Hq. Co. and is also being sent out. He said a fellow who came back from furlough yesterday with some fellows on the train from the 10th

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Mountain Division told him that.

               It’s so unfair. [undecipherable]  I haven’t had a real break in the Army yet. And now I’ll be going over very shortly in the Inf. –a strange outfit, and not even having a furlough.

               You don’t seem to be taking this seriously, or rather I should say, are doing a good job of pretending. I suppose it’s because I’ve told you so many rumors that failed to materialize. But this is the real thing now.

               I’m a private, and naturally will get all the dirty details. I’m getting sick and tired of it. Everyone here thinks I should have had a T/5 rating. I know MacLaughlin he’s been working against me, and I think Hertzberger was. Everyone knows I’ve been getting a dirty deal.

               This new outfit is alerted I guess and plenty hot. It’s very old, I know.

               Oh, I just don’t know what to do or think. I feel so handicapped, though. I can’t do anything about it—just think is all.

               Now the war goes on and on, slower than ever, and more serious than ever in spite of our successes. The Germans are fighting furiously and indefinitely. And the Japs! years yet. Everything looks black and is so discouraging.

               If I had been a T/5 [undecipherable] I would have missed this shipment. All they wanted were pvts. and pfc’s.

               I’d give anything to be out of the Army and away from all of this. You don’t know and can’t imagine what the Army is like. To me it’s horrible.

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Dec. 6, 1944

               How can you feel happy when you are treated so miserably.

               If I had to go over, I wanted to go decently with a rating rating, a job that I liked (as [undecipherable] if I could like anything about the Army), and with the fellows I have known and who are my friends.

               I think if Britain and Russia would cooperate with us in trying to end the war instead of building up spheres of influence, playing power politics, and meddling with the affairs of other nations, the war in Europe and in fact, the whole war, would be over by now or nearly over all over the world.

               What is to become of it all?

               I just found the enclosed article in the “Army Times” about the 10th Inf. Div. It might give somebody a thrill, but not me. Ski troopers! The outfit must be good and hot if they had a book made about them. That’s always done just before an orgaz orgaz organization goes over.

               Well, the article speaks for itself. I guess that’s all for now. I’ll write and call later.

               Love to all of you.


                                                        Jerome, Jr.

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