June 4, 1944

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June 4, 1944

Dear Mother, Dad, and Grandpa

                I started to write you last Tuesday, but I never had a chance to finish it, so here goes another try.

                It was surely wonderful being with you last week. I am only sorry that you couldn’t have stayed longer. You don’t know how much good it does me to be able to see and talk to you. I have looked forward to your visit for weeks, and now that you have come and gone so fast it does make one feel just a little homesick. I suppose that’s a natural reaction, one which almost every human being experiences at one time or another.  It just makes you appreciate all the more your home and all the things you are accustomed to.

                Boy, did that nap feel good Monday afternoon. It was something out of this world.

                Mother, I received both your card from Shreveport (the one with the latrine commando) and your

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letter from St. Louis. It must have been terribly hot going home. I suppose the Rubensteins’ are still leading their dippy life. It’s terribly out of place these days.

                I am once again a wealthy man for last Wednesday I was paid the staggering (?) sum of $24.85. I don’t know what to do with so much money (am I kidding?)

                Today begins my sixth month in the Army. I am hoping that I will get a furlough soon. Am not counting on it too much for there are a great many disappointments in the Army.

                Yesterday I received two pairs of G.I. glasses. They are much better than I expected them to be, although I do like the shell frames better. However, the lenses are very good and after all, that is the main thing.

                I saw two good movies this weekend. Last night I saw “Address Unknown” with Paul Lukas and Mady Christians. Today I saw “The Story of Dr. Wassell” with Gary Cooper. They are 2 of the finest war pictures I have seen.

                Tuesday night I walked guard duty from 10 P.M. until 2 in the morning. Friday I had K.P. again. I washed dishes almost all day. I getting to the point where I don’t mind these things anymore.

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I just heard of the fall of Rome today. It’s certainly a pleasure to hear news like that. The rest of the war can’t stand at a lull for very long. Big things are bound to happen soon!

                Well, my letter is rather short today, but there really isn’t anything of importance to tell. Grandpa—It it was grand hearing your voice last week.

                Instead now of writing a few long letters, I will try to write shorter letters more often.

                Dad, I was able to buy those magazines at the main PX so that will save you the trouble of sending them. The one magazine I really want is the one with the word “victory” splashed all over it.

                Perhaps I will see you soon. At any rate, I earnestly hope so. Write me all the news and gossip from Dayton.


              Jerome, Jr.

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