February 8, 1944

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Somewhere in Italy

Feb. 8, 1945

Dear Mother, Dad, and Grandpa,

                I have been wondering if you have received any of my mail as yet. No doubt you at least received my cablegram a few days after it was sent. The latest letter I have is one from you Mother, dated Jan.. 25th.

                How do you like the Italian air-mail envelope this letter is enclosed in? I bought this stationary from the company mail clerk. Also I bought a dollar’s worth of 6₵ stamps.

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Feb. 8, 1945

                I would like to write you more about what I have seen and done, and am doing, but cannot do so for a while yet.

                We have a radio our room (Signal Corps ingenuity!) and listen to the BBC quite a bit. Also all the propaganda broadcasts from Britain to Germany and from Germany to all the Allies.

                The British newscasts a very brief and are not colored with sensationalism like ours at home. Tonight I heard a very good commentary on the

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Feb. 8, 1945

“Big 3”[1] meeting and the problems the 3 leaders face. It is certainly a dramatic moment in history, isn’t it?

                The Russian drive seems to have slowed down considerably. I was afraid that it would. I haven’t received any of your packages as yet. Did you have to have a request for them? If that were the reason, though, they wouldn’t be accepted by the post-office at all, would they?

                I have the Dayton papers up to and including Jan. 2. I should be getting a pile of them any day. I think the subscription expired Jan. 31. They sent be a letter stating that all advertising would


[1] Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. Probably referring to the Yalta conference held from Feb. 4-11, 1945.

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Feb. 8, 1945

left out of the overseas editions in order to conserve paper.

                I would like very much to have a camera with me. I’d hate to have it though and lose it, for I know that is a very good camera. And overseas one is never sure of holding on to any of his belongings – G.I. or personal. However, if you want to take a chance, send it, along with some films.

                How is the weather at home now? Since I have been at this particular place the weather has been almost springlike – the sun shining and the snow melting on the mountain tops. Today it is cloudy and damp. I think my moods change with the weather.

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Feb. 8, 1945

When the weather is brighter, I also feel brighter.

                Have you seen any legitimate shows or concerts, lectures, etc., lately? Annabella was touring Italy in “Blithe Spirit” I understand.

                I was reading an article in “Stars and Stripes” about the U.S.O. shows, and found that some of the acts that used to appear at the Colonial are over here.

                Oh, I say old chap, the BBC is on the air with a “chahning” newscast.

                What is Bob’s status now? Is he still in Oklahoma? I was also surprised to hear about Bob Banberger enlisting. Sounds like a good thing if he can make it.

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Feb. 8, 1945

                I will write more later. I want to continue now, but haven’t the time.

                Love to all of you.


              Jerome, Jr.

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