Letter from Jerome Epstein, Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Epstein, dated March 17, 1946





Letter from Jerome Epstein, Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Epstein, dated March 17, 1946


Epstein, Jerome, Jr.


Letter written by Jerome Epstein, Jr. while serving at Memphis, TN after World War II discussing the building he works in, demobilization, concerts, and the United Nations.



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World War, 1939-1945



Jerome Epstein Papers #C0262, Box 1 Folder 6


George Mason University Libraries


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March 17, 1946
Dear Mother and Dad,
I hope you wore a bit of green today, it being St. Patrick’s Day. We have so much Irish blood you know.
I had a nice afternoon on the golf course. I intended to go out early this morning, but I slept too late. Anyway, my partner had to go to church which took all morning.
I can’t understand how you got the idea that I am working in an office building downtown. I work in the General Staff building, a 2-story brick building on the Fairgrounds. It was built for Second Army and is quite modern.
The Special Staff sections are housed in a large brick building formerly used as an exhibition hall. This includes signal, quartermaster, engineers, etc. The General Staff sections are G-1, G-2, G-3, and G-4 . I have pictures I have taken of them which I will send you.
Since I will be eligible for discharge May 1, I imagine I will turn in my application for discharge around April 15th.

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That has been the procedure used in the past. You see in January after all these protests on demobilization, a new War Department directions was issued on the discharge policy. It set up 3 categories. Category I- 45 points or 30 months service by April 30th – Category II (which I am in)—40 points or 24 months service by June 30th—Category III – 18-24 months service by June 30th.
Category I was discharged almost immediately since the directive stated that the bulk of the men in I and II were to be discharged in the early periods of February through April and May through June, respectively. It further stated that Category II would be reported for separation May 1. I should be leaving here a few days after that. Nothing was said about Category III but Sec. Patterson said this week that starting July 1 men would be discharged at the end of their 24th month.
I think I can get some kind of a furlough. That’s why I mentioned coming home for Passover. I will wait a couple of weeks before deciding. I could have someone turn in my discharge application for me. I have no fear of losing out on that score.

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17 March 1946
I enjoyed both the Cincinnati and New Orleans Symphony appears. Next Tuesday the Memphis Symphony appears. I think it’s on a par with the Dayton Philharmonic. Everyone regards the Cincinnati orchestra as tops.
I don’t like the world situation, and certainly hope it clears up. The fireworks will really stare when the UNO meets next week in New York.
Congratulations and best wishes on your birthday this coming week, Mother. I would like to help you celebrate, but will have to put it off a few weeks. I remember last year around this time I wrote you from Rocca Pittigliana, Italy. I shopped for your present in Florence but Memphis will have to do this year. There is not much new to write about. New rumor—Second Army might move to Baltimore.
Love to you both.
Jerome, Jr.

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