Letter from Jerome Epstein, Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Epstein, dated March 3, 1946





Letter from Jerome Epstein, Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Epstein, dated March 3, 1946


Epstein, Jerome, Jr.


Letter written by Jerome Epstein, Jr. while serving at Memphis, TN after World War II discussing college, golf, and tensions with the Soviet Union.



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World War, 1939-1945



Jerome Epstein Papers #C0262, Box 1 Folder 6


George Mason University Libraries


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March 3, 1946
Dear Mother and Dad,
I have been golfing all afternoon and feel pretty tired. We tried a different place today—none of these municipal courses are very good, however. They don’t have many clubs to rent—of course it is early in the season, and I don’t suppose they could get them during the war. They expect to get some new sets next week. I’m getting a good sun-burn from being out in the open so much. I can’t stand to stay in-doors on these beautiful days.
Thanks so much for both the check and the cookies. Although the cookies are gone, the check is still with me.
Tell Connie it was good to hear her voice yesterday. Did you have a nice dinner? (silly question)
The U.D. is going to have some swell field house, but with this ban on construction they probably won’t get started on it for a couple of years.

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They were planning it when I was there. The chemistry lab is right above the present antiquated gym. It is really an old fire trap! The library is the only decent building they have. The Catholics always support their churches, schools, etc. with so much fervor. It’s funny that U.D. hasn’t been endowed with a lot of money.
One fellow wrote to Northwestern this week and found that they are not accepting any students who are transfers from other schools. They are only accepting former Northwestern students and those who are just entering college.
Harry D. must be about finished—There must be plenty like him who could certainly do the work we are doing in the Army. It’s all office work from 8:30 to 4:30 with 45 minutes of drill a week on Tuesday mornings.
The 5th Division at Camp Campbell is going up to Chicago for a big [undecipherable] parade on Army Day—April 6. All the brass has been flying back and forth, holding dozens of conferences, and burning up the telephone wires. I guess it’s really going to be a big thing.

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(3) March 3, 1946
Gen. Brown spends a fortune in telephone conversations. And such long ones! (we have to type them up) He has to come down to a colonel soon. Tough!
The Russian Ballet will be here Tuesday. I’m getting my tickets tomorrow.
I wish we would get out earlier than expected. The rumors are encouraging, but I don’t like to put any faith in rumors.
Dad, you are really preparing me for civilian life with those slacks you spoke of. I’ll wear anything as long as it isn’t O.D.
The Russian problem is getting quite serious. It’s about time we tried to check their wily maneuvering. I just hope everyone is careful in these dealings.
Love to you both.
Jerome, Jr.

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