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  • Sketching the Research Process
    This lesson is used to teach future instructors of ENGH 101. In it, the library instructor leads the class through depicting the ENGH 101 research process, then adding where a library instructor can help, and then finally asking them to establish how they would scaffold the library visit. This lesson plan was delivered online via Zoom, but was originally developed as an in-person lesson using physical whiteboards and should work in both modalities.
  • Zotero Workshop
    This is an introduction to using Zotero, going over the basics, from downloading to adding content to exporting citations.
  • 4 Moves and a Habit
    This ENGH 101 lesson introduces students to how to evaluate sources. It begins with a Kahoot and then discusses aspects of evaluation like authority and accuracy. It uses 4 moves and a habit as a way to evaluate sources.
  • 6 Degrees or Less to K-Pop
    This lesson, which includes options for online and face-to-face modalities, incorporates a news story about K-Pop to demonstrate creating a research question, constructing a search strategy, and finding relevant sources. Students are asked to work individually to create a research topic that is less than six degrees separated from K-Pop, then work in groups to compare keywords and brainstorm together. Finally, those groups come back together to find a scholarly source related to their question.
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Stand-Alone Resources

  • Source Types (Handout)
    I use this handout whenever I'm asked to talk about source types in an ENGH 302. It covers popular, scholarly, trade, grey, and primary sources. It also has a second page that covers some search strategies to help students find the different source types.
  • How to Improve a Research Question (Infographic)
    This infographic describes how to improve a research question, and has been used primarily in online courses at the ENGH 101 level.
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